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HBP Tea & Slides 3

The HBP Student Representatives & Ambassadors, supported by the HBP Education Programme, invite you to a virtual coffee/tea break featuring talks by young researchers. 

Hari Teja Kalidindi (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy) who is working within the field of BioRobotics and Computational Motor Control will present his talk with the title “Goal driven neural network models of biological movement control”. To understand how the neuronal activity in distributed motor regions in the brain produces behaviour, it is necessary to explore the first principles or ecological requirements that the biological agent is trying to satisfy. Hari Teja Kalidindi used this philosophy to model aspects of motor cortex and cerebellum during goal-directed limb and eye movements.

Juan José García Cantero (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain) will provide insights into generation and representation of brain anatomical structures and speak about “Techniques for the visualization and improvement of brain structure descriptions”. This presentation will show a method for the visual exploration and analysis of neuronal scenarios based on a multiresolution representation of the neuronal membrane that supports on the fly generation of adaptive levels of detail. In addition, a visual framework for the correction and improvement of neuron morphology descriptions will also be presented.

The two 10-minute short talks are followed by an interactive Q&A session with participants. 


Registration is free and open to everyone:


Call for speakers!

If you are an early-career researcher in the HBP and want to present your research at the next HBP Tea & Slides session, please send an email to stating