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HBP Tea & Slides 11

How to apply for computing time on HPCs

Anna Lührs and Alper Yegenoglu from the Simlab Neuroscience, Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Forschungszentrum Jülich, will talk about the process of writing proposals for High Performance Computing (HPC), Cloud and storage resources.

Anna Lührs will give a short introduction to the general principles and main steps of the application and allocation processes, with a particular focus on the Fenix infrastructure, which is available to HBP scientists through a dedicated call.

Alper Yegenoglu recently applied for HBP/EBRAINS resources within the Fenix infrastructure. He will share his experiences on the application process. Both Anna and Alper will go through the proposal and discuss important steps to consider when drafting it. Additionally, they will describe the general process when submitting it and how the evaluation process is performed from the applicant’s point of view, and from the perspective of the coordination office and allocation committee.

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Fenix Proposals should be sent to the ICEI Project Management Office (PMO):

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