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HBP Tea & Slides Kick-off

The HBP Student Representatives & Ambassadors, supported by the HBP Education Programme, invite you to a virtual coffee/tea break featuring talks by young researchers. 
The short talks are followed by an interactive Q&A session with participants. 

The first HBP Tea & Slides session will feature talks by Alice Geminiani (University of Pavia) and Jens E. Pedersen (KTH Stockholm). Alice will introduce the world of the cerebellum, showing how data-driven models of the cerebellar circuit can elucidate the neural bases of motor learning and explain disease mechanisms. Jens will present how we can exploit the growing knowledge within both neuroscience and computer science to train brain-inspired control systems on neuromorphic hardware.

Registration is free and open to everyone:  


If you are an early-career researcher in the HBP and want to present your research at the next HBP Tea & Slides session, please send an email to no later than 29 April 2020 stating

The next Tea and Slides will take place on 7 May at 2pm CEST.