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The HBP CodeJam #9 Workshop

Grand Hotel Et Des Palmes, Palermo, Italy.


The goal of the CodeJam workshops is to catalyze open-source, collaborative software development in computational and systems neuroscience and neuroinformatics, by bringing together researchers, students and engineers to share ideas, present their work, and write code together.


The general format of the workshops is to dedicate the mornings to invited and contributed talks, leaving the afternoons free for discussions, tutorials and code sprints.


The theme of this 9th installment is "co-design": scientists, students and engineers from different disciplines collaborating to build research infrastructure for computation-based neuroscience, and to use this infrastructure to model brain circuits, behaviour and learning, develop novel bio-inspired computing systems, and help discover new drugs for neurological disorders.


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Programme Committee

Luca L. Bologna (CNR), Andrew Davison (CNRS), Anna Kreshuk (UHEI), Eric Müller (UHEI),  Jeff Muller (EPFL), Bernd Schuller (JUELICH)



Luca L. Bologna (CNR), Alessia Bonafede (CNR)

Martina Schmalholz (UHEI)