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EBRAINS Unconference – How to translate science into practice? A participant-driven workshop where you choose the topics!

Your contributions from your spheres of neuroscience are important in the understanding and discussions within the overarching theme, How to translate science into practice. At the Unconference you will along with other specialized and interdisciplinary participants discuss the topics chosen by you. In other words, your choices define the conference agenda. This is a special opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and engage in discussions on topics of your interest, while you meet new potential collaborators and expand your professional network.
The topics are generated by the participants before the day of the unconference, and the five top-voted topics will be the ones defining the topics of the Unconference! Read more and submit your topic here!
Read more about the EBRAINS Unconference and register here no later than Monday, June 20th!

The deadline for submitting a topic is Monday, June 6th, at 12:00 AM (CEST).