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Brain Matters - Webinar Series #1

EBRAINS – in Search of Breakthroughs in Science and Medicine

Entering its third and final phase, the Human Brain Project launches a brand new webinar series to engage in scientific dialogues about the project's achievements. 

The hour-long sessions will focus on different areas of brain research and feature expert speakers, with the goal of highlighting the HBP’s scientific achievements and the state-of-the-art services offered by its new infrastructure for brain research, EBRAINS.

The first event, “EBRAINS – In Search of Breakthroughs in Science and Medicine”, will take place on Monday, September 21 at 16:00 CEST and will feature renowned HBP scientists Katrin Amunts, Simon Eickhoff, and Viktor Jirsa. The session will be moderated by Katrina Sichel.

The interactive webinars are free and open to the public.