Spiking neural networks: Applications to computing, algorithmics, and robotics

3rd HBP Curriculum Workshop Series - ICT for non-specialists

27-28 June 2019 | Technical University of Munich, Germany


Spiking neural networks (SNN) are a special class of artificial neural networks (ANN), in which the information is transmitted by means of pulses (or spikes) rather than by firing rates. As SNNs have shown to be excellent control systems for biological organisms, they have the potential to produce good control systems for autonomous robots. This workshop aims to bring together neuroscientists with roboticists and computational researchers developing biologically-inspired learning algorithms for scientific and industrial applications.

This joint workshop between HBP and the EU-funded initiatives in robotics, TETRAMAX1 and TERRINet2, is a great opportunity for neuroscientists and HBP to reach out and engage with the robotics and research infrastructure communities. At the same time, it brings together students and early-career researchers in both areas fostering the exchange between them by focusing on recent developments in efficient neural coding and spiking neurons' computation.

In order to enrich the discussions of SNN and its applications to computing, algorithmics and robotics, we will have a hands-on session on spiking neural networks on the Neurorobotics Platform (HBP SP10) and a guided visit to TUM Competence Center.





The scientific programme will be available soon.


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