Why simulate the brain?

In many areas of science and engineering, simulation has proven an invaluable tool for turning mathematical principles, theory and data into new insights.

HBP seeks to bring the bring vital software tools to neuroscience to:

  • reduce the need for animal experiments

  • study diseases in unprecedented in-silico experiments

  • improve the validation of data and experiments with computational validation

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Tools for Brain Simulation

This is the Brain Simulation Platform

To this end the HBP will:

  • establish a generic strategy to reconstruct and simulate the multi-level organisation of the brain for different brain areas, whole brains and species;

  • use this strategy to build high-fidelity reconstructions, first of the mouse brain and ultimately, of the human brain;

  • support in silico experiments using the models;

  • support community-driven reconstructions and simulations, and comparisons between models based on different tools and approaches.

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