EBRAINS Modelling Services

What we do

The work package manages the overall architecture integrating scientific software into EBRAINS. It comprises the development and advancement of applications for brain modelling and simulation, analysis of neural activity data, model validation, and visualization. The deployed services will combine the applications into comprehensive workflows, they will enable multiscale co-simulation of brain processes and closed-loop neuroscience experiments /in silico/, which in turn support R&D on embodied AI and robotics. The work package delivers the e-infrastructure for operating all services of the project on the computing infrastructure allocated to them.

How we're organized

WP5 comprises SC3 - Brain modeling and simulation workflows: integrated tools to create and investigate models of the brain, SC4 - Closed loop AI and robotics workflows: design, test and implement robotic and AI solutions tasks, and tasks that will deliver the necessary e-infrastructure for all service categories of the project.