HBP at Bernstein Conference 2020 online: 29 September - 2 October


The HBP is presenting the new Research Infrastructure EBRAINS at the Online Bernstein Conference 2020. On this page you will find opportunities to learn more in-depth information about the HBP and EBRAINS.


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HBP & EBRAINS demos with live Q&A

The following sessions will take place at the exhibition area of the Bernstein Conference. You will find a link to the booth here shortly before the event starts (access is free, but registration to the conference is required). 


Wednesday 30 September 2020 

presented by Ida Aasebø & Ulrike Schlegel (University of Oslo)

presented by Alex Upton (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre) & Anne Nahm (FZ Juelich)

presented by Tony Prescott & Alejandro Jimenez Rodriguez (University of Sheffield)

presented by Steve Furber & Oliver Rhodes (University of Manchester), Julian Göltz , Sebastian Billaudelle & Andreas Baumbach (Heidelberg University)

Thursday 1 October 2020

presented by Ida Aasebø & Eszter Agnes Papp (University of Oslo)

presented by Anna Kierkegaard & Nicolas Caesar Petersen (Danish Board of Technology)

presented by NEST Users and Developers


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