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Human Brain Project Event

Feb. 6, 2023
March 20, 2023

EBRAINS CoCreate on Improved Investigation of Brain-related Disorders

EBRAINS CoCreate is a forward looking cocreation process that delivers roadmaps of visionary science and innovation targets that are important for both EBRAINS as an infrastructure, and for the multi-actor and interdisciplinary environment around it. The vision in a CoCreate is a societally beneficial one and, accordingly, the roadmap should lead towards positive impacts for society and the individual citizen. A roadmap splits the realization of the vision up into a stepwise process and identifies needed collaborators and funding paths for at least the first steps. This CoCreate on “Improved Investigation of Brain-related Disorders”, takes up the challenge of visioning a future in which individual brain disorders are investigated using a comprehensive brain, body, and environmental health, and lifespan perspective. The discussions and roadmaps this CoCreate wants to facilitate, focus on expanding and improving the investigation of brain related disorders. We envision open, constructive, and unbiased discussions and evaluations of current research, clinical and health care practices, infrastructures, and capabilities, and upcoming analytical and technical, e.g., artificial intelligence (AI), solutions. An EBRAINS CoCreate has the clear aspiration to sketch an ambitious and promising roadmap and define which first steps can be realized by collaboration across disciplines and stakeholders. To this end, we want to gather a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders that collectively has insights into all relevant challenges and possibilities, as well as potential solutions and their realization. Ideally, this means participation from stakeholders in the fields of neuroscience, neurology, psychology, psychiatry, ethics, health data security, AI, and big data analysis, and patient organizations, health authorities, industry, and funding agencies.