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Human Brain Project Event

Jan. 26, 2023

EBRAINS Unconference: Healthy Brain Ageing and Lifestyle - what do we know about healthy brain ageing?

An EBRAINS Unconference is an international unconventional conference, as the topics and sessions are generated by the participants, creating the conference agenda based on their own interest. It is a participant- driven workshop without pre-defined sessions, only the overarching theme is pre-defined: ‘Healthy Brain Ageing and Lifestyle – What do we know about healthy brain ageing?’ You can take part in the event as a session leader and / or as a participant. All you must do is to register and indicate if you wish to participate only, or if you wish to drive a session related to the overarching theme. Participants from various fields within neuroscience, researchers, scientists, academia, students, representatives from the industry and civic society organisations are invited to participate. Registration for this event is free of charge, only interest and commitment are the prerequisites for attendance.