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Human Brain Project Event

Nov. 7, 2022

WP3-EBRAINS joint-workshop - Technology Transfer, Commercialization, and IPR: Practical, Ethical and Governance Challenges in the Transition to a Post-HBP Future

The workshop examines issues related to the transfer and commercialization of software, code and algorithms developed in the HBP, that can be used for the development of new, brain-inspired artificial intelligence (AI) and neurorobotics applications. More specifically, the event aims to: • Examine the practical, ethical and governance challenges that arise for EBRAINS and the wider research community from the transfer of HBP research outputs to third party users from universities, companies and other institutions in Europe and internationally. • Explore key challenges and requirements for EBRAINS to support researchers with adequate IPR and licensing procedures. • Identify areas for capacity building to enable EBRAINS and other large-scale digital research infrastructures, to develop adequate technology transfer and IPR protocols and policies As part of these aims, the workshop will look at the transfer of knowledge and technologies to organizations outside of Europe, including in non-democratic societies, countries involved in military conflicts, low income and developing countries, as well as countries with poorly developed, or ineffectively implemented regulatory infrastructures and rules. The event will involve the inter-disciplinary discussion of case studies and the collective exploration of hypothetical scenarios. It will bring together experts from academia and industry. Co-organised by: Achim Rosemann, De Montfort University; Steven Vermeulen, EBRAINS; Rainer Goebel, University of Maastricht; Sacha van Albada, Research Centre Juelich; Bernd Stahl, University of Nottingham.