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Oct. 26, 2022

Researcher awareness and research integrity

The European Commission recognises The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2017) as the reference document for research integrity in all EU-funded research projects and as a model for organisations and researchers across Europe. "Good research practices are based on fundamental principles of research integrity. They guide researchers in their work and engagement with the practical, ethical and intellectual challenges inherent in research." In the HBP and EBRAINS, this translates by embracing those principles in how we work and perform science and implementing mechanisms that support best practices. But how can we address research integrity issues in big research projects? How do we identify research integrity mechanisms in our interdisciplinary work? This Researcher Awareness and Research Integrity module is designed to open a conversation about research integrity issues, developing capacities for researchers, staff and managers to identify and address them. Dr Manuel Guerrero conducts the workshop, HBP's Ethics Rapporteurs Programme lead, and will count on the participation of Prof Stefan Eriksson from Uppsala University, an expert in research ethics and research integrity matters.