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Human Brain Project Event

Dec. 6, 2022

Communicate like the expert you are: A primer for becoming a popular scientist

We offer a crash course in communications, providing you with the tool you need to communicate about your results, and your research questions. The course covers the basics on how to navigate the media landscape and the basics of popular science writing. You will learn how to turn your narrative around to suit different audiences and how to pick a good headline. And in case you don’t want to do the writing yourself, we provide some basic media training and help you prepare for an interview, answer difficult questions, avoid traps, and a to-do list in case of negative publicity. We will talk about impact, transparency, plain language, inclusion and accessibility. We will also cover social media, how Altmetric data works, and why you should bother. So prepare for an hour of listening, followed by an interactive half hour of questions, answers and discussion!