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Human Brain Project Event

Nov. 7, 2022
Nov. 10, 2022

Infrastructure training event: Simulate with EBRAINS

This online workshop aims at giving an overview of how to simulate with EBRAINS, from the infrastructure level to simulations at multiple scales. It covers a large variety of topics, e.g. computing and data services of or related to the Fenix infrastructure, Neuromorphic Computing, and simulations on a scale from molecules via small and large networks of point or structured spiking neurons to simplified whole brain activity and virtual environments Participants can choose from a large number of sessions what is relevant for them. The first day will be a short workshop about the Fenix User and Resource Management Service (FURMS) and the Fenix Authentication & Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI). The second day will start with the official welcome session, followed by introductions to the different topics of this workshop and to put tools and simulators into relation with each other. These introductions also serve the purpose to help the participants to update their choice of sessions for the following days. This day will conclude with a hands-on introduction to the EBRAINS Collaboratory environment, a web-portal through which many services and tool are available, and which will be used by several sessions on the following days. The last two days are organised with multiple sessions taking place in parallel, in which the tools and services will be presented in more detail, with lectures and/or as hands-on tutorials.