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Human Brain Project Event

Sept. 5, 2022
Sept. 7, 2022

HBP Partnering Projects Meeting: Status quo and outlook

As the Human Brain Project is in its final phase, it is time for Partnering Projects to convey the scientific community the tour-de-force they have made in furthering knowledge concerning various aspects of Brain Research. This EBRAINS Workshop offers Partnering Projects an international pedestal to showcase their major achievements to the Human Brain Project Partnering environment and the wider scientific community. The Workshop is open for scientists from various fields of Neuroscience research, and will be hosted by the annual Donders Cognitive, Brain & Technology Summer school (DCBT 2022) promoting a shared systems-level understanding of the functional architecture of the brain and its possible emulation in artificial systems. The event is designed as a platform for Partnering Projects to exchange about their scientific findings, extend their collaborative network and engage into open discussions with EBRAINS representatives about the transition from the Human Brain Project to EBRAINS. It will be a three-day event hosted at the Fletcher Landgoed Hotel Holthurnsche Hof (Nijmegen, the Netherlands). This will create new communities of interested scientists that can critically contribute, as user or developer, to the evolution of EBRAINS as a sustainable infrastructure for the wider scientific community.