Social, ethical & reflective work in the HBP

We have compiled a list of all articles, books, and reports related to social, ethical and reflective work we have produced since the beginning of the Human Brain Project: October 2013. We hope it might be useful for those interested in how social science, ethics and philosophy can become driving forces in scientific and technological development. And ensure responsible research and innovation in both theory and practice. 

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Selected publications


Stahl, B.C., Akintoye, S., Bitsch, L., Bringedal, B., Eke, D., Farisco, M., Grasenick, K., Guerrero, M., Knight, W., Leach, T., Nyholm, S., Ogoh, G., Rosemann, A., Salles, A., Trattnig, J. & Ulnicane, I. (2021) From Responsible Research and Innovation to responsibility by design, Journal of Responsible Innovation, DOI: 10.1080/23299460.2021.1955613

Ulnicane, I., W. Knight, T. Leach, Stahl, B.C. & Wanjiku, W.g.,(2021) Framing governance for a contested emerging technology: insights from AI policy, Policy and Society, 40(2), 158-177

Ulnicane, I., D. O. Eke, William Knight, G. Ogoh & B. C. Stahl (2021) Good governance as a response to discontents? Déjà vu, or lessons for AI from other emerging technologies, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 46:1-2, 71-93  

Ulnicane, I. (2020) The Governance of dual-use research in the EU: The case of neuroscience. In: A. Calcara, R. Csernatoni and C. Lavallée (eds) Emerging Security Technologies and EU Governance. Actors, Practices and Processes. Routledge, pp.177-191. 

Aicardi, C., Akintoye, S., Fothergill, B.T., Guerrero, M., Klinker, G., Knight, W., Klüver, L., Morel, Y., Morin, F.O., Stahl, B.C., & Ulnicane, I., et al. (2020) Ethical and Social Aspects of Neurorobotics. Sci Eng Ethics 26, 2533–2546. 

Salles, A., Evers, K., Farisco, M.  (2020) Antrhopomorphism in AI. AJOB Neuroscience 11 (2), 88-95. 

Salles, A., Farisco, M.  (2020) Of Ethical Frameworks and Neuroethics in Big Neuroscience Projects: a view from the HBP. AJOB Neuroscience 11 (3), 167-175 (2020). 

Grasenick, K., Kleinberger-Pierer, M. & Pohn-Weidinger, S. (2020) Fair Projects – Bad Data? – Evaluating the gender balance in science projects, fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation 50, 60-71. 

Farisco, M., Evers, K. & Salles, A. (2020) Towards Establishing Criteria for the Ethical Analysis of Artificial Intelligence. Sci Eng Ethics 26, 2413–2425. 

Ulnicane, I. Ever-changing Big Science and Research Infrastructures: Evolving European Union policy. In KC. Cramer & O. Hallonsten (Eds.) Big Science and Research Infrastructures in Europe (Original work published in 2020)

Northoff, G., Wainio-Theberge, S. & Evers, K. (2020) Is temporo-spatial dynamics the “common currency” of brain and mind? In Quest of “Spatiotemporal Neuroscience”. Physics of Life Reviews 33, 34-54.

Evers, K. (2020) The Culture-Bound Brain: Epigenetic Proaction Revisited. Theoria, Online first, 8 July .2020

Fothergill, B. T., Knight, W., Stahl, B. C., & Ulnicane, I. (2019). Responsible Data Governance of Neuroscience Big Data. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 13. 

Stahl, B. C., Akintoye, S., Fothergill, B. T., Guerrero, M., Knight, W., & Ulnicane, I. (2019). Beyond Research Ethics: Dialogues in Neuro-ICT Research. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 13. 


Ethics And Society Opinions


Aicardi, Christine, Bitsch, Lise, Datta Burton, Saheli, Evers, Kathinka, Farisco, Michele, Mahfoud, Tara, … Ulnicane, Inga. (2021, March 8). Opinion on Trust and Transparency in Artificial Intelligence - Ethics&Society, The Human Brain Project. Zenodo.

Aicardi, Christine, Bitsch, Lise, Bang Bådum, Nicklas, Datta, Saheli, Evers, Kathinka, Farisco, Michele, … Ulnicane, Inga. (2021, March 8). Opinion on 'Responsible Dual Use' Political, Security, Intelligence and Military Research of Concern in Neuroscience and Neurotechnology. Zenodo. 

Salles, Arleen, Stahl, Bernd, Bjaalie, Jan, Domingo-Ferrer, Josep, Rose, Nikolas, Rainey, Stephen, & Spranger, Tade. (2021, March 8). Opinion and Action Plan on Data Protection and Privacy - Ethics&Society, Human Brain Project. Zenodo.


Public reports


Aicardi C, Datta S, Mahfoud T, Rose N, Machine Learning and Big Data for Neuro-Diagnostics: Opportunities and Challenges for Clinical Translation Briefing report for the Human Brain Project, 2019


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