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Foresight Lab


About Us

The Foresight Lab at King's College London was a part of the HBP's Subproject12 and focused on identifying and evaluating the future impact of new knowledge and technologies generated by the HBP using a range of methods including action research, interviews, participant observation, literature reviews, questionnaire surveys and expert workshops.


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Take a look at Professor Nik Rose’s compilation of over 230 lectures from around the world on ethics, society and governance.

Key Objectives

A key objective is to develop 'foresight', which is the practice of making ‘forward looks,’ of anticipating change, and studying future possibilities. To do this, scenarios are developed which serve as frameworks and stimuli for evaluating the HBP’s possible consequences on society. These are then discussed with key informants from a range of communities to generate a series of best practice recommendations directed towards researchers and HBP managers. This simultaneously enables the adoption of strategies that optimise scientific and social benefits while enhancing preparedness for possible ethical concerns and dilemmas.


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Will Knight, De Montfort University