168 Publications

Reservoirs learn to learn

Anand Subramoney, Franz Scherr, Wolfgang Maass

In: Reservoir Computing: Theory, Physical Implementations, and Applications. K. Nakajima and I. Fischer, editors 2021-08-01
Towards a Bio-Inspired Real-Time Neuromorphic Cerebellum

Petruţ A. Bogdan, Beatrice Marcinnò, Claudia Casellato, Stefano Casali, Andrew G.D. Rowley, Michael Hopkins, Francesco Leporati, Egidio D'Angelo, Oliver Rhodes

Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, Vol. 15 2021-05-31
Larger GPU-accelerated brain simulations with procedural connectivity

James C. Knight, Thomas Nowotny

Nature Computational Science 2021-02-01
Resolving Fast Gas Transients with Metal Oxide Sensors

Damien Drix, Michael Schmuker

ACS Sensors 2021-02-01
Optimized spiking neurons can classify images with high accuracy through temporal coding with two spikes

Christoph Stöckl, Wolfgang Maass

arXiv.org & In press at Nature Machine Intelligence 2021-01-26
Inference with Artificial Neural Networks on Analog Neuromorphic Hardware

Johannes Weis, Philipp Spilger, Sebastian Billaudelle, Yannik Stradmann, Arne Emmel, Eric Müller, Oliver Breitwieser, Andreas Grübl, Joscha Ilmberger, Vitali Karasenko, Mitja Kleider, Christian Mauch, Korbinian Schreiber, Johannes Schemmel

Communications in Computer and Information Science 2021-01-10
The Heidelberg Spiking Data Sets for the Systematic Evaluation of Spiking Neural Networks

Benjamin Cramer, Yannik Stradmann, Johannes Schemmel, Friedemann Zenke

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems 2020-12-30
Dynamics of a Mutual Inhibition Circuit between Pyramidal Neurons Compared to Human Perceptual Competition

Naoki Kogo, Felix B. Kern, Thomas Nowotny, Raymond van Ee, Richard van Wezel, Takeshi Aihara

The Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 41, No. 6 2020-12-22
Spike frequency adaptation supports network computations on temporally dispersed information

Darjan Salaj, Anand Subramoney, Ceca Kraišniković, Guillaume Bellec, Robert Legenstein, Wolfgang Maass

Spike frequency adaptation supports network computations on temporally dispersed information 2020-12-04