Karlheinz Meier (1955 - 2018)


On 24 October 2018 Karlheinz Meier, the leader of the neuromorphic computing ("silicon brains") project-part, died.

The research group continues the work and also continues to operates the twitter account @BrainScaleS, which Prof. Meier used for many years to send news realted to neuromorphic computing.

HBP created a tribute-page.

This announcement on the silicon brains entry page announced the death until January 2019:


The partner Heidelberg University in the HBP project in the silicon brains sadly announces the death of its truly respected leader and mentor,

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Meier.

He passed away on the 24th of October, after fighting his grave illness bravely for more than two years. A period, during which his tremendeous power of will allowed him to keep up with all his duties and his creative power never waivered. His ideas, imagination and deep scientific understanding made our research on the BrainScaleS system possible: creating electronic systems for non-Turing information processing after the biological example. Our progress in this area will be forever linked to his great mind.

We will keep his humanity, friendliness and open-mindedness forever in our hearts.


The memorial service will take place on Friday, 16 November 2018 at 12:00h in the , Plöck 70, Heidelberg, Germany.

Instead of sending flowers the family suggests to donate "In memoriam Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Meier" to the German Physical Society, IBAN DE47 3702 0500 0008 0272 00, BIC BFSWDE33XXX







The Geman original of the death announcement:

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Karlheinz Meier