NRP Introduction

Welcoming video explaining general purpose of platform, Closed Loop Engine and giving overview of currently implemented features, inviting users to select desired section on the next page (with thumbnails) or to proceed directly to the platform​.

Discover Platform

Go through the official NRP collaboratory page, find out where to get to documentation, support, links to social media and start your first demo experiments.

Create and Share Experiments

Collaboration is a key to success! This video will show you how to start a new collaboration page, add other members to it, communicate with them and create a shared experiment.

Run Experiments

The basic building block of collaboration is a NRP experiment. Learn how to run experiments and join existing ones!

Debug Experiments

Things do not go always as planned. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. NRP gives you some basic tools to investigate the internal state of your simulations, records custom diagnostic messages and gain insights for fixing the things faster.

Edit Environments

Editing the virtual world of your experiment could not be easier! This video explains the basic usage of the Environment Designer, web-based tool for changing the simulation environment on the fly directly in your browser. Adding new elements, editing existing ones, saving loading and resetting environment to initial state are just some of the features that will be covered.