Access The HBP Research Infrastructure (RI) And Receive Support 

The Human Brain Project has opened researcher access to its computational platform infrastructure. Researchers who wish to access the HBP's data and computational systems can now recieve support and advice on how to do so via the HBP High Level Support Team (HLST), a multidisciplinary team of developers and scientists who have built and maintain the HBP Research Infrastructure. 

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Start Here >> With this form below you can contact the HBP High Level Support Team (HLST) for support -  including with applying to use the HBP Research Infrastructure. Existing HBP Collaboratory/RI users can also use this form for support requests. Alternatively - you can initiate a support ticket by sending an email to


Support Request Coverage  >>   Below you can see a list of areas of support which can be provided by the HLST. 



  • Receive instructions about how to join the HBP Collaboratory
  • Single initial point of support for users
  • Receiving, prioritising, escalating and resolving support requests
  • Resolving minor issues
  • Escalation to Special Support Action teams when required


  • Extended data curation support
  • Jupyter notebook user support
  • Functional data analysis workflow support
  • Brain simulation functionality and deep integration support
  • Medical informatics community management and deep integration support
  • Neuromorphic computing advanced user support
  • Neurorobotics documenter and community management
  • Simulation and data analytics workflow support