High Performance Analytics & Computing Platform

What we offer

The High Performance Analytics and Computing (HPAC) Platform developes and provides supercomputing, storage, visualisation and simulation technology that can run on supercomputers. With this infrastructure, scientists can

  • Run large-scale, data intensive, interactive multi-scale brain simulations up to the size of a full human brain.
  • Manage the large amounts of data used and produced by simulations and in experiments, and
  • Manage complex workflows comprising concurrent simulation, data analysis and visualisation workloads.

The compute backend are supercomputers located at four large European High Performance Computing (HPC) centers:

HPC Collage

The pilot systems JULIA and JURON have been designed based on the requirements of neuroscience research. They are available since Autumn 2016.

PCP Pilots

At the same sites, a data infrastructure is being built that allows scientists to store, process and share their large datasets with others.

The HPAC Platform also offers software and tools, for example:

  • Simulation technology that will be optimised for future HPC architectures ("Exascale supercomputers")
  • Visualisation methods and tools specialised on large datasets and simulation data

The visualisation tools can be used locally or using high-fidelity systems in Aachen, Germany and Geneva, Switzerland.

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This website is still under construction. More details are available in the HPAC Platform Guidebook (hbp-hpc-platform.fz-juelich.de) and in the HPAC Platform Collab (https://collab.humanbrainproject.eu/#/collab/264).

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Coordination contact: hbp-hpc-platform@fz-juelich.de

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