LOCALIZE-MI: an open source dataset of simultaneous intracerebral stimulation and HD-EEG in humans

    29 April 2020


    Precisely localizing the sources of brain activity as recorded by EEG is a fundamental procedure and a major challenge for both research and clinical practice. Even though many methods and algorithms have been proposed, their relative advantages and limitations are still not well established due to the lack of ground-truth for their validation and testing. In Mikulan et al. (Scientific Data, 2020) we present the LOCALIZE-MI dataset, which constitutes the first open dataset that comprises EEG recorded electrical activity originating from precisely known locations inside the brain of living humans. High-density EEG (256 channels) was recorded while intracerebral single pulse electrical stimulation was performed through stereotactically implanted electrodes in diverse brain regions during presurgical evaluation of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. The uses of this dataset range from the estimation of in vivo tissue conductivity to the development, validation and testing of forward and inverse solution methods.

    Original Publication:

    Simultaneous human intracerebral stimulation and HD-EEG, groundtruth for source localization methods