May 4, 2017

Hippocampus Workshop, May – last few days to register (till 7 May)

The 2nd hippocampus workshop will focus on building hippocampal (single cell and network) models using a collaborative, community-based approach. The workshop will take place on 23-24 May at the European Institute for Theoretical Neuroscience (EITN) in Paris, France.

Aims of the workshop

The aims of the workshop are two-fold. Firstly, to engage the larger community of experimentalists and modellers working on hippocampus, and highlight existing modelling efforts and strategic datasets for modelling the hippocampus. Secondly, to define and bootstrap an inclusive community-driven model and data-integration process to achieve open pre-competitive reference models of hippocampus, which are well documented, validated, and released at regular intervals (supported in part by IT infrastructure funded by HBP). Involvement from the community interested in characterisation and modelling of hippocampus is highly encouraged.

Format of the workshop

The first day will be scientific presentations on modelling approaches, key datasets, problems and solutions, and some information on relevant HBP activities. There will also be shorter talks that either highlight important sources of experimental data (also discussing limitations, etc.) or describe specific problems or solutions that are relevant to building a data-driven hippocampus model. There will be ample time for discussion following the talks. The second day will be highly interactive, and will have the objective of bootstrapping a community process for planning, coordinating, reviewing, documenting, and validating regular releases of open integrative pre-competitive reference models of hippocampus. There will also be a poster session during the lunches.

Registration – closes on 7 May

For the workshop to be effective, participation is limited to 45 participants. Participation will therefore be via invitation from the registrations received by 7 May. Invitations will be sent 1-2 days following the registration deadline.

Please register here.

Confirmed speakers and more information can be found here.