April 5, 2018

HBP presents at US BRAIN Initiative meeting

The Human Brain Project was invited again by the US BRAIN initiative to participate in their fourth annual meeting in Washington DC, April 9th-11th. The project will present recent developments in the HBP's data, modelling and analytics infrastructure and engage with researchers overseas.

A focus session will be held on Wednesday, April 11th entitled “The Human Brain Project: European Neuroscience, Infrastructure, Highlights and Collaboration Opportunities”. 

The HBP is also contributing to a session where different projects will be presented, that the newly founded International Brain Initiative (IBI) aims to support and coordinate on a global level. The IBI is a forum to connect the large scale brain initiatives around the world. (see World’s Brain Initiatives Move Forward Together, December 11 2017).

We invite any curious mind to discuss with us at the project posters that will be displayed throughout the duration of the meeting. Besides, researchers of the consortium will also present their HBP work related during the poster sessions (see below table for topics and board location).

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Date (9:30 am - 12:30 pm Title Presenter Name Board Number
Monday, April 9 Connectivity-based parcellation: in vivo mapping of regional brain organization  Simon Eickhoff 20
Monday, April 9 Reconstruction and simulation of a full-scale model of rat hippocampus CA1  Michele Migliore 78
Tuesday, April 9 Theoretical Neuroscience: from neurons to large-scale networks and virtual brains  Viktor Jirsa 100
Tuesday, April 10 Human Brain Project: Mouse Brain Organisation Javier DeFelipe 48
Wednesday, April 11 NEST: simulation code for brain-scale networks provided by the human brain project Markus Diesmann 63
Wednesday, April 11 Workflow for automated quantification and spatial analysis of labeling in microscopic rodent brain sections  Jan Bjaalie 107
Wednesday, April 11 Data driven analysis of clinical symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s disease with or without the G2019S-LRRK2 or GBA mutations  Mira Marcus Kalish 119
Wednesday, April 11 From biology to user facilities - Neuromorphic computing in the HBP  Björn Kindler 120
April 9-11 The Human Brain Project:  Europe’s coordinated and integrated flagship for brain research Jeff Muller 121
April 9-11 The Human Brain Project: Europe’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure for brain research Jeff Muller 122


The Human Brain Project: European Neuroscience, Infrastructure, Highlights and Collaboration Opportunities - 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM - Brookside AB

Speakers: Drs. Katrin Amunts, Jan Bjaalie, Karheinz Meier, Alain Destexhe, Simon Eickhoff, Chris Ebell, Eilif Muller, Viktor Jirsa

Come and see a selection of The Human Brain Project's (HBP) research highlights and get an update on developments in the HBP's data, modelling and analytics infrastructure. The HBP is a European FET Flagship project conducting neuroscientific and interdisciplinary research using high-throughput and high-fidelity data collection, neuroinformatics, brain modelling and atlases complemented with fundamental research in mathematics, physics, computer science and information theory. Also presented will be newly established, concrete support programmes for external collaborations

The entire programme is available on the 4th Annual BRAIN Initiative meeting website (here).

Contact: marie-elisabeth.colin@epfl.ch


On Tuesday night the Human Brain Project presented at the Swiss Embassy in Washington.

Speakers included (top left to right) the HBP's Karlheinz Meier and Jan Bjaalie, and the EU representative to the US Mary Kavanagh.