Event Recap: Young Researchers Event 2021

    02 June 2021

    In the light of the current climate, it is even more important to stay connected with your peers, especially as a young researcher. Hence why the HBP Education Programme, together with the Young Researchers Event Programme Committee and the help of our incredible “local” partner, the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, hosted the first ever virtual #YRE2021. For several years, this format enabled early career researchers as well as the wider scientific community to connect, exchange, discuss, and collaborate, inside and beyond the HBP.

    The topic of EBRAINS for next-generation brain medicine did not only attract more participants than ever before, but it accelerated a stimulating discourse between interdisciplinary fields like neuroinformatics, neurosurgery, translational AI, brain imaging, brain atlasing and others. Despite the overabundance of free online conferences, 283 delegates from 47 nations attended. A balanced distribution between Bachelor students (27%), Master students (22%), PhD students (22%), post-doctoral students (9%) and more senior scientists made an interesting discussion from various points of views possible. Furthermore, a particular highlight was the 58% female representation among attendees.

    The Young Researchers Event was opened by Prof. Katrin Amunts, HBP Scientific Research Director and Chief Science Officer of EBRAINS, who welcomed the participants and gave an introduction to the Human Brain Project and EBRAINS.

    All plenary lectures throughout were well attended, but the young researcher community had a particular interest in Neuroimaging in Health & Disease as well as the Round Table discussion, moderated by Prof Viktor Jirsa from the Aix-Marseille University.

    Hands-on workshops were also rather popular with over 200 participants discussing topics like Dual Use & Misuse, the Virtual Brain Cloud, the Medical Informatics Platform and many others.

    We want to thank all speakers, workshop hosts and tutors – without them none of these exciting sessions would have been possible. Also, the hard-working Programme Committee, who has been active behind the scenes for many months to put such an appealing schedule together. Last, but definitely not least, our partner institution, the incredible LSMU in Kaunas. Thank you for your efforts & dedication – we cannot wait to host more events in collaboration in the future.

    If you want to read more about the YRE2021, visit the event page or consider watching the session recordings in the HBP Education E-Library.

    Further reading

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