EBRAINS now a recommended data sharing service for Nature Scientific Data

    07 May 2020

    EBRAINS services join the list of recommended repositories for neuroscience data.


    Nature Scientific Data is an open-access journal for peer-reviewed descriptions of scientifically valuable datasets, with the full raw datasets hosted by approved and recognized scientific data repositories. The aim is to promote the sharing and reuse of scientific data.

    For the neurosciences, the new EBRAINS data services have now been added to the list of the journal's recommended repositories.

    Scientists submitting their data to EBRAINS receive data management support, long term storage and citable DOIs. Curated neuroscience datasets can be searched through the EBRAINS Knowledge Graph and visually explored through the EBRAINS brain atlases.

    The neurodata services are part of the distributed EBRAINS Research Infrastructure, a key contribution of the European Human Brain Project to global science.

    “We look forward to support more and more neuroscientists in making their full datasets available through EBRAINS”, said HBP Infrastructure Director Prof. Jan Bjaalie. “The partnership with Nature Scientific Data is a great step to enable a data-driven, collaborative approach in the neurosciences on a wider scale.”


    Prof. Jan Bjaalie

    Email: j.g.bjaalie@medisin.uio.no

    Phone: +47-22851263

    Who can use EBRAINS?

    The EBRAINS services are ready to receive requests for sharing a wide array of original and processed collections of rodent or human brain data.


    Fill out a request form or contact curation-support@ebrains.eu to let us know what type of neuroscientific data or model you would like to integrate and share on EBRAINS. Several options are available for journal authors publishing data with their article.


    Human Brain Project:

    The Human Brain Project (HBP) is the largest brain science project in Europe and stands among the biggest research projects ever funded by the European Union. At the interface of neuroscience and information technology, the HBP investigates the brain and its diseases with the help of highly advanced methods from computing, neuroinformatics and artificial intelligence, and in turn drives innovation in fields like brain-inspired computing and neurorobotics. See humanbrainproject.eu



    As a lasting contribution to the global science community the HBP has developed EBRAINS, an open European research infrastructure that allows scientists and technology experts to seamlessly collaborate, accelerating advancements in the fields of neuroscience, computing and brain-related medicine. See https://ebrains.eu/

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    Collaborative data underpins advancing knowledge about the brain

    The HBP’s data ‘ecosystem’ comprises software solutions for information collection, organisation, analysis and sharing, enabling models and simulations to be built. These depend on the brain’s structure and functions being mapped, from molecular to the whole brain level. The HBP’s Infrastructure Operations Director and leader of the Neuroinformatics Platform, Prof. Jan Bjaalie (University of Oslo), presents the approach in this Cordis article. More