Building a Search Engine for the Brain

    23 June 2017

    The work of the HBP to create a 3D navigable atlas of the brain has been highlighted in a recent article in IEEE Spectrum.

    The article describes the work as similar to creating a “search engine for the brain”.

    “Imagine being able to explore the brain the way you explore a website. You might search for the corpus callosum—the stalk that connects the brain’s two hemispheres—and then flip through individual nerve fibers in it. Next, you might view networks of cells as they light up during a verbal memory test, or scroll through protein receptors embedded in the tissue.”

    The article, which gives also gives a broad overview of the entire project, including work on neuromorphic computing, neurorobotics, brain simulation and medicine, is published on the IEEE Spectrum website as part of its series Can We Copy the Brain? It describes the understanding the brain as “one of the final frontiers and one of the greatest challenges in science”.

    You can read the full article here.