Sept. 23, 2022

Solution Workshop: Neuropharma Edition

The Innovation team has recently organized the third online Solution Workshop, focused on Neuropharma, with the participation of HBP researchers and European startups that are showing outstanding approaches in the drug discovery and development area.

During the activity, innovative companies such as Samos Medical (Spain) shared their advances in the treatment of fatigue as an important symptom in various neurodegenerative diseases, presenting a drug in clinical trial phase, and its demonstrated effects on cortical excitability. Other participant was Micar21 (Bulgaria) an in-silico drug discovery company with a broad scientific framework of action oriented to the discovery and selection of candidate molecules, with emphasis on preclinical phases. Other interesting attendant was Targtex (Portugal), a startup that applies AI algorithms to create treatments targeting glioblastoma multiforme, a type of brain tumor. Its product, based on hydrogel, has proven efficacy to be used as an adjunct to surgery, and shows an advanced state of its clinical trial. In addition, the bioinformatics company Anaxomics (Spain) presented its technologies based on biological systems and AI to accelerate drug development through the Therapeutic Performance Mapping System (TPMS), an in-silico simulation platform, through which they test their hypotheses about physiological and compound effects at the molecular level. On the other hand, the HBP participants described the development, capacity and dynamics of their most interesting and mature solutions, with potential application to drug development, and highlighted, among other aspects, how these firms could benefit of EBRAINS tools.

In short, the event become a useful and interactive matchmaking opportunity to joint neuroscientific and entrepreneurial talents. The HBP innovation team has already started the organization of the Solution workshop fourth edition, which will be focused on Genetics and Biomarkers.