Sept. 23, 2022

Market Analysis of the EBRAINS Multilevel Human Brain Atlas

The HBP Innovation and Technology Transfer Node is glad to announce the release of the EBRAINS Multilevel Human Brain Atlas market analysis.

Starting with the main characteristics of the EBRAINS Atlas, the broad landscape of international brain research and mapping initiatives was then reviewed. This enabled the taxonomization of the main existing atlases’ features into three key domains: content, digital infrastructure and miscellanea. Conclusions were then condensed into a SWOT analysis and include, among others, the high quality of the datasets offered or the uniqueness of the Atlas’ interactive viewer, the siibra-explorer, in its ability to combine a whole-brain template and microscopic resolution.

Once aware of the EBRAINS Atlas’ baseline scenario, its exploitation possibilities were explored through the insights of six interviewees (four neurologists, one neurosurgeon and one neurotech medical director). Potential exploitation strategies were then outlined based on different scenarios, according to the resources available. Finally, this market analysis also includes a list of almost 30 private players in neurotech, both SMEs/startups and big companies, all potential customers or partners for the EBRAINS Atlas.