June 3, 2022

Event recap: EBRAINS Brain Simulation School

Right at the beginning of summer CNR and the HBP welcomed students from all over Europe and the world to the second edition of the EBRAINS Brain Simulation School in Palermo, Italy.

Taking place on-site from 30 May – 3 June, 46 participants, of whom 19 were women, from 10 different countries joined this five-day event to learn more about the different EBRAINS Infrastructure presented in various plenary and hands-on sessions. Day two of the event also hosted Student presentations, giving attendees the opportunity to talk about their current research with their peers and to present it to leading scientist in the field.

Renowned researchers from 6 different countries gave their lectures on the EBRAINS resources for the implementation of cellular and network level computational models, for the use of EBRAINS Computing Services to configure and run simulations, and for the visualisation/analysis of their results.

The School opened with an introduction by the EBRAINS CEO and HBP Director General Paweł Świeboda and dedicated its first day to the possibilities of the EBRAINS Infrastructure and its usage. The rest of the week was divided into different topics on Brain Simulation, and each day a different topic was put into focus.

Day two was dedicated to Synaptic Plasticity and Learning, while day three focussed on Single Neuron Models. The theme of Day 4 was Brain Circuit Models and the last day was dedicated to Cognition.

We want to thank all speakers, workshop hosts and tutors – without them none of these exciting sessions would have been possible. Also, a thank you to the hard-working Programme Committee, who has been active behind the scenes for many months to put such an appealing schedule together. Thank you for your efforts & dedication – we cannot wait to host more events in collaboration in the future!

If you want to read more about the EBRAINS Brain Simulation School, visit the event page. For this event no sessions were recorded, but if you are further interested in the topic, this School format has been hosted once before in 2018. Find the Session recordings in our E-Library or our YouTube Channel.