Nov. 19, 2021

HBP's innovation work and international collaborations highlighted in the Lancet Neurology

The Lancet Neurology has published a paper on the International Brain Initiative, of which the Human Brain Project is a founding member

Last October, the International Brain Initiative, of which HBP is a founding member, organized a meeting at the European Parliament to discuss the need for stronger international collaboration to enhance brain research across the world. The HBP, as the main European initiative in brain science, took an active part in the discussion. The Lancet Neurology reported on the meeting discussions and on the progress made by the different efforts.


Over the past two decades, neuroscience has expanded massively, and it is now tackling complex questions with profound implications for our society. Technological developments are transforming the study of neural mechanisms, and neuroscientists might be soon able to disentangle how human beings think and the bases of cognition. In parallel, we now know that many brain diseases have a strong genetic component, so further efforts must be put into neurogenetics. New experimental approaches, theoretical models of brain function, and computational power to store and manage large datasets will be required. A concerted effort by clinicians, neuroscientists, engineers, theorists, and social scientists is needed, because understanding brain function and neurogenetics will open the way for the prevention and treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

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