Nov. 18, 2021

Several HBP researcher posters presented at the Society for Neuroscience 2021 Conference, where the HBP was present as a virtual exhibitor

Human Brain Project research was presented in over 20 posters at the virtual Society for Neuroscience 2021 Conference

The 50th edition annual Society for Neuroscience (SfN) meeting was held online from November 8 – 11, 2021.

The scientific programme placed a focus on being interdisciplinary, innovative, and inclusive. It boasted symposia, panel discussions, and lectures, as well as 9,000 poster presentations. During the four-day event, SfN recorded 238 exhibitors who attended with a virtual booth.

The Human Brain Project had a strong presence at the meeting. For the duration of the event, the HBP Outreach Team attended as an exhibitor to present the HBP and EBRAINS services, and to answer visitors’ questions, recording almost 90 visits.  

In addition to the exhibit, twenty-three researchers were selected to present posters on topics such as brain modeling, simulation, and visual perception. Congratulations to all of the poster presenters!

Piarpaolo Sorrentino (Aix-Marseille University): On the topochronic map of the human brain dynamics

Borana Dollomaja (Aix-Marseille University): Virtual epileptic patient workflow: from science to clinical trials

Giovanni Rabuffo (Aix-Marseille University): Neuronal Cascades shape whole-brain shape whole-brain functional dynamics at rest

Jean-Didier Lemarechal (Sorbonne University): Systematic evaluation of the Virtual Epileptic Patient (VEP) modeling approach for the identification of epileptogenic zones

Wei-An Sheng (Institut des Sciences Cognitives): Diversity of functional connectivity patterns between the fundus of the intraparietal sulcus and the primary somatosensory area S1 in awake macaque monkeys

Tao Yao (KU Leuven): Neuronal congruency signals in macaque frontal cortex

Eline Mergan (KU Leuven): Fmri-guided electrophysiological characterization of macaque orbitofrontal face patches

Jerome Herpers (KU Leuven): Pairing a visual stimulus with micro-stimulation of the ventral tegmental area increases neural responses on the short term in higher-order visual cortex

Xiaolian Li (KU Leuven): Submillimeter fMRI reveals an extensive and fine-grained scene-processing network in monkeys

Matthijs oude Lohuis (University of Amsterdam): Task contingencies prolong the causal involvement of visual cortex in perception

Julien Fiorilli (University of Amsterdam): Neural correlates of multisensory object sampling and associated choice outcome: Comparison of visual and somatosensory cortices, perirhinal cortex and hippocampus

Alessandra Camassa (IDIBAPS): Metastability of Down states in the cerebral cortex: dynamics and modulation

Antonio Pazienti (Istituto Superiore di Sanità): Emerging slow waves in premotor cortex of behaving monkeys

Enny Van Beest (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience): The direct and indirect pathway modulate dorsal cortical activity and future perceptual decisions

Koen Seignette (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience): Connectivity and function of chandelier cells in mouse primary visual cortex

James King (EPFL): NEURON 8.0: achievements of NEURON developer community to enable modern, performant and maintainable simulation environment

Robin Gutzen (Forschungszentrum Jülich): An adaptable analysis pipeline makes cortical wave phenomena comparable across heterogeneous datasets