HBP & EBRAINS at FENS Forum 2022

The Human Brain Project is exhibiting at the FENS Forum 2022 that takes place 9–13 July 2022 in Paris, France and EBRAINS is organising a networking session on 11 July | 18:45–20:30 CEST. 

The event is organised by the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) and in order to attend it, you have to register here

EBRAINS Satellite Event at FENS on 8 July | 8:30–17:30 CEST:

EBRAINS Research Infrastructure Symposium: addressing grand challenges in brain research

HBP-EBRAINS booth at FENS from 9–13 July:

Pavillon 7, Hall 7.2, Booth 21

Networking Event at FENS on 10 July | 18:45–20:30 CEST:

Networking, training and funding opportunities in neuroscience

Are you a student or postdoc interested in further developing your skills, knowledge, and network?

Set in a relaxed and cosy environment, this networking event offers a unique opportunity to ask questions to representatives from EBRAINS, FENS, IBRO-PERC, the Cajal Training Programme and ERA-NET Neuron on future funding and training activities. You will be able to connect with your peers and participants who attended past training courses and events to best understand how to boost your career to the next level.

Free drinks and snacks will be served during the event.

Special Interest Event EBRA at FENS on 11 July | 12:00 - 12:45 CEST:

The European Brain Research Area: Building a Brain Health Partnership

During this special session, the EBRA consortium — consisting of the European Brain Council, the ERANET-NEURON, the EU Joint Programme for Neurodegenerative Disease Research and the Human Brain Project — will highlight the importance of shaping the future of European and globally coordinated neuroscience. In this perspective, the Shared European Brain Research Agenda (SEBRA) will be presented, and discussion will focus on the building of a new partnership on brain health.

Special Interest Event at FENS 11 July | 14:00-15:30 CEST:

Neuroethics roundtable workshop

New technologies and brain research are raising neuroethical questions with growing social, policy and health implications. It is therefore important to understand the current situation globally in order to help ensure a safe, inclusive and equitable future for us all. This roundtable workshop aims to bring together key actors in the field of neuroethics and provide a broad contextual overview as a foundation to discuss and prioritise coordinated actions with the broader neuroscience community. A brief introduction to neuroethics will be followed by a presentation on two focus topics that will guide the subsequent breakout roundtable discussions. Feedback from these discussions will then inform the concluding panel conversation about the needs, challenges and priorities which should be considered in establishing any strategic and collaborative actions in the future.

EBRAINS Networking Event at FENS on 11 July | 18:45–20:30 CEST:

Powering a new era in Brain Research: meet EBRAINS Research Infrastructure

Learn how EBRAINS Research Infrastructure is supporting the future of brain science in Europe.

All FENS attendees are welcome to join our Networking Event (food and drinks included) to learn more about how EBRAINS Research Infrastructure is supporting the future of brain science in Europe.

Special Interest Event on Data Mining at FENS on 12 July | 12:00–12:45 CEST:

Making the most of precious data: challenges and opportunities in mining open data

The aim of this session is to explore and identify the challenges and opportunities facing researchers who wish to better utilise or mine neuroscience and clinical data sets already available. Modern neuroscience and clinical methods generate huge amounts of data in a wide array of formats. Few laboratories, however, are effectively sharing or reusing data. This session will touch on how to create an environment conducive to data sharing and reuse. In addition, data must be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) to allow secondary analysis to generate new insights from existing data sets.

HBP posters at FENS

Shailesh Appukuttan | Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS, Institut des Neurosciences Paris-Saclay, Saclay, 91400, France
EBRAINS Live Papers - interactive resources and supplementary materials for neuroscience 
13 July 2022,  09:30 - 13:00 in Poster Session 07 - Section: Software Tools for Brain Imaging

Patrik Bey, Kiret Dhindsa, Petra Ritter  | The Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative Charité University Medicine Berlin
Cost function masking (CFM) inflates group level difference in MRI data

Ingvild Bjerke | University of Oslo
Map of dopamine 1- and 2-receptor positive cells in the developing mouse forebrain

Camilla Hagen Blixhavn | University of Oslo
Multiplane microscopic atlas of rat brain zincergic terminal fields and metal-containing glia stained with Timm’s sulphide silver method

Heidi Kleven | University of Oslo
Waxholm Space atlas of the rat brain version 4:
A volumetric atlas enabling data integration and analysis

Monika Overdevest | Norwegian university of science and technology
Regional changes in density and spatial distribution of calbindin- and parvalbumin expressing neurons in the developing mouse brain

Maja Puchades | University of Oslo
EBRAINS tools for rodent brain atlasing

Olga Rogulina | Norwegian university of science and technology
Regional changes in density and spatial distribution of calbindin- and parvalbumin expressing neurons in the developing mouse brain

Ulrike Schlegel | University of Oslo
Brain-wide mapping of parahippocampal and visual neural networks in mice: Evidence for feedback projections from the perirhinal cortex to visual areas

Maaike Van Swieten | University of Oslo
A Practical Guide to Using the EBRAINS Knowledge Graph in (your) Research

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