Measuring and modelling brain states

3rd HBP Curriculum Workshop Series - Final workshop

28-29 March 2020 | Sölden, Austria





The participation fee is 90 € and includes: 

  • Admission to all scientific sessions
  • Coffee break, lunch break and drinks

The fee does not include travel and accommodation. 

Participants of the Winter Conference can attend this workshop free of charge. 

We offer 5 fee waivers. To apply, please send us an email.

The following conditions need to be fulfilled in order to be eligible for a fee waiver:

  • full attendance of the workshop
  • submission of an abstract for an oral presentation
  • after-workshop survey completion 


The closest international airport to Sölden is Innsbruck (Austria). Munich is an option if coming from overseas and you want to save an additional connecting flight within Europe to Innsbruck, but the transfer time from/to Munich is 3-4 hrs and the costs are higher than from Innsbruck.

Airport transfer Innsbruck 
The most convenient way is to take a taxi; if you travel alone, it is also the most expensive one. You can, however, split the taxi fare from Innsbruck to Sölden among up to eight persons, depending on the size of the taxi. 
Travel time: approx. 1 hour.

Public transportation (travel time approx. 2 hrs): By train from Innsbruck Main Railway Station to Ötztal Bahnhof, then by bus to Sölden (frequently during daytime). By bus from Innsbruck Main Railway Station directly to Sölden (several times daily).

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The road from the motorway to Sölden is well maintained and an easy drive. Be prepared, however, for winter conditions, as snowfall might occur, and special winter tires are obligatory.

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Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

House Andre Arnold

Hotel Liebe Sonne


Hotel Sunny

Das Hotel Tyrol

Hotel Tyrolerhof

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  • Tap water:
    Austria is famous for it's clean water so it is definitly safe to drink it directly out of the tap. 
  • What else to do in Sölden: 
    Sölden is a famous Alpine resort and will still have lots of snow by the date of the workshop. If you want to combine your workshop attendance with some winter sport like skiing at the glacier - bring your equipment and enjoy some snowy days in Tirol. 

You can hand in an abstract with your application in order to present your research work in an oral presentation

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The final workshop of the 3rd HBP Curriculum Workshop Series invites researchers interested in measuring and modelling brain states at multiple scales. At the cellular level, the appearance of different brain states (such as wake, sleep, anesthesia) are reviewed at the scale of neurons, from extracellular recordings in both human and animal models. From a modelling perspective, workshop participants will learn how cellular data can be used to build model networks of spiking neurons and how mean-field techniques are used to derive population models of different brain states from those network models. Together, these techniques can bridge scales, from neurons to the whole brain, and provide an integrated view of brain states and their responsiveness.

Participation is open to the entire student community and early career researchers, regardless of whether they are affiliated with the Human Brain Project or not. It is aimed to offer equal opportunities for all early career researchers regardless of gender, age, origin, etc.

Early registration is recommended as the number of participants is limited.


Participation fees:

Regular fee: 90 €

This workshop is a satellite event to the 22nd International Neuroscience Winter Conference. Separate registration for both events is required. Attendees of the Winter Conference can attend this workshop free of charge. In order to register for free, please send an email with your registration ID from the conference to

Workshop participants enrolled in a university programme are entitled to join the Winter Conference free of charge. Other workshop participants (non-students) can participate in the conference on special conditions. 


Registration deadline: 12 February 2020




Student presentations:

The workshop will offer the possibility of presenting your research in a brief oral presentation. Registrants who would like to present their work are required to submit an abstract until 29 January 2020. Abstracts can be submitted in Word format (max. 250 words excl. title and affiliations) via email to


Download the announcement flyer:  3rd Curriculum Workshop Series - Measuring and modelling brain states




Saturday 28 March 2020

Welcome & introduction | 15 min

Brain states at the level of single neurons in mice | 60 min
Mavi Sanchez-Vives (University of Barcelona) 

Optogenetic control of arousal state transitions | 60 min
Louis de Lecea (Stanford University)

Linking cellular levels and large-scales using mean-field models | 60 min
Alain Destexhe (Paris-Saclay University)

Modelling normal and pathological brain states at the whole-brain level | 60 min
Victor Jirsa (Aix-Marseille University)

Sunday 29 March 2020

tba | 60 min
Thomas Koenig (University of Bern)

Student presentations | 60 min

Data-driven discovery of brain states | 60 min
Fede Raimondo (University of Liège)

Human brain states and their responsiveness | 60 min
Marcello Massimini (University of Milan)

Round table discussion | 30 min

This programme may be subject to change.


Alain Destexhe | Paris-Saclay University, France


Sylvia Aßlaber | MUI
Judith Kathrein | MUI
Alois Saria | MUI


Auweg 3
6450 Sölden


Das Central is a 5-star SPA hotel in one of the largest ski resorts in Austria with a restaurant that received prestigious awards by international restaurant guides and fully equipped conference rooms.