4 – 12 SEPTEMBER 2021 | Campomoro, Corse, France | Streamed Event


FAQs & all you need to know

If you are a young researcher in the field of Consciousness and you like to apply to the event, please fill-in your interest here:


The event organisers will come back to you with some more information.

After your application is accepted, please register to the event (please see next info button).

Some event parts will be streamed, allowing participation from remote.

The online credentials will be sent out to all registered participants a few days prior to the event. 

The on site registration fee is 300€ and covers session participation, group work, catering, and venue costs.

For the streamed online part, no fee is collected.

Registration to EBRAINS is recommended for on site and streamed event participation (to get the complete access to services and tools offered by EBRAINS during the meeting).

To make this virtual event an interactive experience, it is important that you have access to a stable internet connection, good audio (with microphone) and ideally (not mandatory) a webcam for video communication.

Also, to have the full conference experience it is important that you have installed the Zoom Desktop Client application (v5.3.0 or higher).

The connection details will be send to registrants shortly before the event start.

If you have any question about the event, please contact us:

All times in the programme schedule are shown in CEST (=Central European Summer Time) and UTC+2/GMT.

To prevent missed sessions, we recommend to use a time zone converter in advance. 

The selected 16 young researchers will be accommodated on the venue site.

Accommodation costs are included in the registration fee (300€).


Two hotels are recommended for speakers travelling on site:


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The scientific study of consciousness is still quite young. However, even though it begins to reach maturity, the different paradigms that emerged thirty years ago barely ever discuss and exchange.

That is why, from Saturday, 4th to Sunday, 12th September 2021, the Mediterranean Seminar for Consciousness (MESEC) will take place in Campomoro, Corsica, France.

16 early-career researchers (invited after application) from diverse approaches will be welcomed in a genuine setting for daily life. We want to welcome tenants of the prominent paradigms of the field, such as Global Neuronal Workspace, Integrated Information Theory, High Order Thoughts or Predictive Processing-based theory, but are more than excited to bring together people from more exotic scientific approaches (Quantum Theory of Consciousness, Attention Schema Theory or Emotions based Theory, just to name a few examples).

The aim of this seminar is to share ideas and discover other perspectives in a friendly environment. Beyond several sessions of short presentations, the format will emphasize discussions around questions related to consciousness: for example, how the different approaches explain neuropsychological pathologies? What do the approaches have in common and what differentiates them? The participants choose these topics before the Seminar.

After short lightning talks by the invited YRs, renowed Human Brain Project speakers will present new scientific results shedding light to various aspects on Consciousness. This is followed by the introduction and overview of the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure, contributing to these results. Participants get the chance to apply and test some of the EBRAINS tools and services. The HBP Education Media team will accompany the seminar to produce popularized videos from the shared knowledge.


PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME (This programme is still subject to change).



The MESEC Seminar and EBRAINS are offering streamed event participation for some dedicated seminar parts to the entire scientific community. The registration is free, but mandatory.


Please note: for registration for the online-event (and later for using the presented EBRAINS services) an EBRAINS account is required.
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Cyriel Pennartz | University of Amsterdam