The Human Brain Project (HBP) develops and operates an integrated platform of tools and services for modelling, simulation and data analytics for neuroscience, medical research, future computing and neurorobotics.

From 2018 (SGA2) these tools and services will be offered to the scientific community via scalable cloud technology to enable collaborative research. The HBP-Joint Platform (HBP-JP) is meant for everyone (researchers, industrial engineers and developers, students) with an interest in neuroscience and its application to technology so they can get access to and use the latest results, tools, software, simulation environments and solutions that the HBP offers. In the field of medicine, the platform targets clinicians, the scientific community but also health managers and the global patient community.

The HBP-JP unifies and coordinates the individual Platforms developed in the HBP into one cloud-based superstructure, in which the exchange of knowledge, data, models, algorithms between the SubProjects of HBP and between the HBP and the “outside world” becomes straightforward. The HBP-JP allows developers and users to easily join the project at all levels. This is supported through a clearly defined agile processes (“DevOps”) for tools and services provided. SubProjects contribute to the Joint Platform by using and testing tools, applying them to data analysis, simulation and modelling, giving user feedback, and contributing additional tools, e.g. for data analysis, experimental testing, and robotics.

The HBP Joint Platform has been established as the EBRAINS web portal since October 2019.