Market analysis and technology roadmaps

Researchers often cannot dedicate enough resources to explore opportunities for innovation or plan their own protection and exploitation strategies. Their expertise and networking potential is vital, however, to increase the possibilities of an eventual commercialization and utilization of their results.

By providing researchers with market analyses, big picture of existing initiatives, key actors, and expected trends in their area of work, we will enable them to identify more easily strategic opportunities - e.g. those leading to obtain further research funding - and to get the most from their highly useful specialized knowledge.

By delivering technology roadmaps to HBP researchers and developers we will also contribute to equip them with enough skills and means to exploit their results, define their own plans towards the end user markets and assess the possibilities of eventually complement their work with other existing tools. Technology roadmaps are frequently utilised to support technology management and planning. It implies the utilisation of analytical and participatory methods to explore, within a specified timeline frame, plausible connections between available technological resources, long-term objectives, in changing background contexts.

Market analysis and roadmaps available for download (more will follow in the upcoming months):