HBP Innovation Awards

HBP launches the HBP Innovation Awards to recognize project researchers in their role of “innovators”. The awards will give internal and external visibility to their efforts towards the exploitation of their research results.

Although winners will not receive a cash reward, this prize will give the innovator the opportunity to:

  • get a printed diploma and 3D object with the title of the innovation and name and affiliation of the winner.
  • include a description of the technology in the Innovation Newsletter, both in printed form and in the HBP web site.
  • record an interview where the winner can explain the motivation and interest in pursuing the innovation activities.
  • inform the European Commission, via the project officer, about the prize and to include it as relevant in the reporting procedures of innovation in HBP.
  • participate in one special session of the HBP Summit where all prized innovators will receive public recognition, with the participation of the HBP CEO, SIB Chair and the EC.

The HBP Innovation Awards, conceived and designed by the Innovation Team, have been endorsed by DIR last December 15th, and will be implemented according to the following lines:

  • Awards will be delivered every six months in 2021 and 2022 (four awards in total in SGA3).
  • Awards will be pre-selected by the Innovation team in coordination with the WP project managers, based on a set of innovation-related criteria and the exploitation potential of the HBP results.
  • Three ranked candidates with an explanatory dossier will be proposed to the DIR every six months by the Innovation team.
  • The DIR will select one of them as the “Innovation Award” of that semester.

The Innovation team will support the Communication team to disseminate the awards with videos of the interviews made to the prized innovators and their team, thus the awarded innovation will be widely explained to media.

The HBP Innovation Awards will be launched in January 2021 with an internal communication to the work packages. By March 2021 the Innovation team will propose the first set of potential winners to the DIR.

Remember that you all are participants… so very good luck!