Astrocyte-neuron interactions in large-scale networks: Developing new astrocyte modules for NEST simulator


The AstroNeuronNets Partnering Project aims at developing astrocyte component for NEST simulator to establish the conceptualy new infrastructure necessary for studying neuron-astrocyte interactions in large scale networks.

Project Description and Collaboration with HBP

There is an increasing interest in understanding glial functions and dysfunctions and their interaction with the neuronal counterparts. Recent experimental evidence demonstrated coordinated astrocytic and neuronal activity in various experimental in vitro and in vivo conditions. However, the tools and models that allow computational analysis of tissue-level neuron-astrocyte interactions in brain circuits in behaviorally relevant conditions are currently lacking. The proposed project will establish conceptually new infrastructure necessary for addressing these questions in silico. The aim of this project is to integrate the selected computational models of neuron-astrocyte interaction into NEST, a well established simulator of large-scale networks, by developing new astrocyte NEST modules. We will develop appropriate technical solutions in NEST and use them to implement the selected models and integrate them into the NEST simulator and the EBRAINS platform. The resulting new infrastructure will facilitate simulations of large-scale neuron-astrocyte brain circuits and accelerate studies of astrocyte functions and dysfunctions.

Partnering Organisations

Key facts

Time frame: 2021.05.01 to 2022.02.28

Origin: EBRAINS Research Infrastructure Voucher Programme 2020

Funding: HBP SGA3