Innovation Management Course


Innovation management capabilities are increasingly necessary in EU framework programme projects to fulfil the EC specific requirements on the exploitation of research results. This course on innovation management was designed to offer HBP members, in particular project managers, staff involved in the elaboration of exploitation plans, and researchers working in the development of HBP technologies, a set of useful tools to perform better with respect to innovation, and to increase their success in relation to commercialization.

This training course included fundamentals of closed and open technology innovation, analysis of selected innovation management tools for hardware, software, services, databases, and models developed in the context of HBP, and description of steps-forward towards the successful implementation of HBP exploitation plans.

You can watch the recording of the two sessions and download the presentations below. 



DAY 1: 28 April



Goals and competences

45 min


What is innovation (with particular attention to technology innovation):

  • Innovation taxonomies
  • Open and closed innovation.

General view of Innovation Management Tools (IMT) used in research projects.

Exploitation in the context of H2020 and Horizon Europe

  • Evolution from H2020 to HE
  • The European Innovation Council

The participant will obtain a sound knowledge about the rationale and relevance of innovation management.

Starting from a general review of basic concepts, some innovation management tools will be presented.

The use of specific innovation management tools in EU framework programmes will be described.

15 min



60 min

IMTs used in HBP and the EBRAINS context.

Exploitation plans: roles, contents, and activities.

General view and assessment of the exploitation plans prepared in the HBP context: from definition to implementation.

IMTs used in HBP:

  • Openness process to external stakeholders.
  • Market analyses.
  • Technology roadmaps
  • TRL assessment
  • Start-up creation
  • Communication and diffusion

The embeddedness of exploitation plans in funded RTD projects is requested by the European Commission to emphasize the need for improved exploitation of research results.

These plans are also used by the EC as a basis for selecting technologies to be included in the EC Innovation radar.

Participants will learn how to develop exploitation plans, and how to use the broad range of innovation management tools adapted to the different types of results obtained in HBP.

30 min



DAY 2: 29 April

60 min

Advanced IMT techniques:

  • Business intelligence
    • Technology and market watch
    • Risk assessment
    • Foresight
  • IP strategies: pros and cons
    • Licensing strategies
    • Co-ownership and co-exploitation

This session will present some additional innovation management tools from a practical perspective, with specific examples.

Two areas will be addressed: the application of business intelligence and IP strategies in cooperative research activities like HBP.

15 min



45 min

Practical examples of IMT application to the HBP results:

  • Virtual Epileptic Patient (VEP)
  • Neuromorphic chips
  • Brain Atlas
  • MIP

This is a practical session where participants should learn to apply the concepts and tools presented in the first day to the research results where they are working on.


30 min




Instructors from the HBP innovation team

Prof. Gonzalo León

Dr. Guillermo Velasco