HBP Innovation Funding Bootcamp

The HBP Fundraising Bootcamp for start-ups took place in Brussels on May 30th and 31st at the EBRAINS headquarters. Over the course of two full days, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) successfully brought together nine HBP entrepreneurs with six recognized international business angels and venture capital institutions from Europe and the USA. The event also welcomed members of the European Innovation Council (EIC). The initiative provided an opportunity for reflection and discussion on the most relevant challenges faced by technology leaders and researchers working in the Neuroscience and Neurocomputing areas. The participating organizations shared their vast experience in financing, supporting, and mentoring brain health-related innovation projects and AI developments.




 DAY 1: 30 May 2023

 11:00  Welcome and introduction to day 1
 11:15  Tour de table



 13:00  Roundtable - Debate
 13:30  Lunch & Networking
 14:30  HBP stablished start-ups: Entrepreneurs' vision
 15:00  Fundraising mentoring: Presentation by Christian Suojanen
 15:45  Pitch mentoring: Presentation by Charles Sidman
 16:45  Pitch practice
 19:00  Networking dinner

 DAY 2: 31 May 2023

 9:30  Introduction to day 2

 Presentation of investors:

  •  Asabys Partners SPAIN - Antonio Limatola
  • NLC The European Healthtech Venture Builder NETHERLANDS - Ciara Henessy ( presentation )
  • ECS Capital Partners USA - Charles Sidman
  • Machine Ventures USA - Sri Rao
  • Broadtech Global USA - Christian Suojanen

 PITCH PROJECT 1 + Investors´ inquiries  
 Light-sheet microscopy “Clepio Biotech”
 Taiana Deodato, Alessandra Franceschini

 PITCH PROJECT 2 + Investors´ inquiries 
  Neuromorphic computing mechanism for low-energy edge/IoT applications
 Michael Hopkins, Jakub Fil

 PITCH PROJECT 3 + Investors´ inquiries
  Neuroscientific simulation tool, & inspection of AI spiking neural networks
 Jens Bruchertseifer, Sebastian Spreizer

 12:00  Coffee break

 PITCH PROJECT 4 + Investors´ inquiries  
 Medical Informatics Platform
 Birgit Schaffhauser, Evita Mailli

 PITCH PROJECT 5 + Investors´ inquiries  
  Collaborative Brain Wave Analysis Pipeline
 Giulia De Bonis, Robin Gutzen

 PITCH PROJECT 6 + Investors´ inquiries  
 Cutting-edge platform for early identification of new drug candidates
 Rui Ribeiro

 13:30  Lunch & networking

 PITCH START-UP 1 + Investors´ inquiries 
 “VB Tech” The Virtual Epileptic Patient
 Jean Marc Ferrier

 PITCH START-UP 2 + Investors´ inquiries  
 “Intrinsic Powers” Tracking & recovering of consciousness in clinical practice .
 Marcello Massimini

 PITCH START-UP 3 + Investors´ inquiries  
 “Phosphoenix” Restoring vision with a neuroprosthesis for the blind
 Bert Monna, Lisa Kirchberger

 16:00  Final remarks & closing





Guillermo Velasco