The "Live Papers" of the Brain Simulation Platform are interactive documents that refer to recently published scientific articles whose content is related to the work, tools and services publicly available on the Platform. Interactivity is the unique feature of the "Live Papers": specific links on the documents will allow you to download, visualise or simulate data, models and results presented in the articles.


→ You can access the Live Paper website here.


Current Live Papers that can be accessed via the Live Paper website are:

  • Eyal, G., Verhoog, M. B., Testa-Silva, G., Deitcher, Y., Benavides-Piccione, R., DeFelipe, J., . . . Segev, I. (2018). Human Cortical Pyramidal Neurons: From Spines to Spikes via Models. Front Cell Neurosci, 12, 181. 
  • Lindroos, R., Dorst, M. C., Du, K., Filipovic, M., Keller, D., Ketzef, M., . . . Hellgren Kotaleski, J. (2018). Basal Ganglia Neuromodulation Over Multiple Temporal and Structural Scales-Simulations of Direct Pathway MSNs Investigate the Fast Onset of Dopaminergic Effects and Predict the Role of Kv4.2. Front Neural Circuits, 12, 3. 
  • Migliore, R., Lupascu, C. A., Bologna, L. L., Romani, A., Courcol, J. D., Antonel, S., . . . Migliore, M. (2018). The physiological variability of channel density in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells and interneurons explored using a unified data-driven modeling workflow. PLoS Comput Biol, 14(9), e1006423.