Best practice interviews


HBP researchers and staff talk about their experience of gender equality issues and what they see as the best practices for the HBP.

"It would be very helpful to learn about the experiences of others and see how they deal with the question of work-life balance." - Anna Luhrs

"In our project management office, for example, we have a much more comfortable, flexible and regulated situation because the boss himself has children." - Ingar Seeman

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International Women's Day interviews

Click on the quotes to read about five women involved in the Human Brain Project.

Katrin Amunts, neuroscientist

“Women often come by unusual pathways to their positions, while men have comparatively straightforward careers”

Sandra Diaz, electronic systems engineer

“Everyone should understand that women do not expect to be favoured, but just given the same opportunity as men in something that we are building together”


Sarah Genon, psychologist

“Don’t take life too seriously or be afraid to try new things, everything can be changed, except death!”


Andrea Santuy, neuroscientist

“Don’t be scared, don’t think you are less than anyone else – you are as important as the guys. if you have a question, ask it! if you have an opinion – share it!”


 Professor Talma Hendler, professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience

"Still women in most parts of the world don’t have the surrounding support to fly, to go ahead and not to be afraid to achieve what they dream of. It’s not yet in the DNA of most societies."