Subprojects Overview

The HBP Core Project comprises twelve Subprojects spanning the development of six ICT-based Platforms, as well as data gathering, cognitive and theoretical neuroscience, ethics, and central services. Subprojects (SPs) are subdivided into a number of Work Packages, each of which is in turn divided into Tasks. While SP11 (Central Services) focuses on coordinating the Project, the remaining SPs contribute to building the infrastructure and conducting scientific research.

The following SPs are focused on research and the generation of strategic data resources.

SP1 Mouse Brain Organisation: Understanding the structure of the mouse brain, and its electrical and chemical functions

SP2 Human Brain Organisation: Understanding the structure of the human brain, and its electrical and chemical functions

SP3 Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience: Understanding how the brain performs its systems-level and cognitive functional activities

SP4 Theoretical Neuroscience: Deriving high-level mathematical models to synthesise conclusions from research data

SP12 Ethics and Society: Exploring the ethical and societal impact of the HBP's work.


The remaining SPs focus on constructing the HBP research infrastructure; each of them is responsible for an HBP Platform.

SP5 Neuroinformatics Platform: Gathering, organising and making available brain data

SP6 Brain Simulation Platform: Developing data-driven reconstructions of brain tissue and simulation capabilities to explore these reconstructions

SP7 High Performance Analytics and Computing Platform: Providing the ICT capability to map the brain in unprecedented detail, construct complex models, run large simulations, and analyse large volumes of data

SP8 Medical Informatics Platform: Developing the infrastructure to share hospital and medical research data for the purpose of understanding disease clusters and their respective disease signatures

SP9 Neuromorphic Computing Platform: Developing and applying brain-inspired computing technology

SP10 Neurorobotics Platform: Developing virtual and real robots and environments for testing brain simulations.