The HBP Ethics and Society Subproject explores the Project's social, ethical and philosophical implications. It promotes engagement with decision-makers and the general public, fosters responsible research and innovation by raising social and ethical awareness among project participants, and ensures that the Project complies with relevant legal and ethical norms.

Research and technology development in the HBP has numerous social, ethical and philosophical implications, many of which are long-term. The Project has an interest in recognising concerns early and in addressing them in an open and transparent manner. In particular, early engagement can provide scientists with opportunities to gauge public reaction to their work, and to hone their research objectives and processes in the light of these reactions.

SP12 draws on the methods developed during empirical investigations of emerging technologies in genomics, neuroscience, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and information and communication technologies as well as on the biomedical tradition of engaging with ethical issues through the application of formal principles—now usually implemented through ethical review processes.

SP Leader: Kathinka EVERS

Deputy SP Leaders: Jean-Pierre CHANGEUX, Lars KLÜVER

Work Package Leaders: