Partnering Projects

The HBP aims to build large user communities of its ICT Platforms by teaming up with end-user partners. The HBP also seeks partnerships with large projects that generate neuroscience data, which could be integrated in the HBP Platforms and shared by neuroscientists. Moreover, strategic partnerships with large-scale initiatives in neuroscience, medicine, and computing are important for consensus building and the strategic development of the Platforms and, more broadly, the HBP research roadmap. 


Partnering Projects

A Partnering Project (PP) performs research, innovation and networking activities of mutual interest in cooperation with members of the HBP Core Project (CP), including:

  • Research that adds novel capabilities to the Platforms
  • Research that uses the Platforms to address previously intractable issues in neuroscience
  • Development of novel computing and robotics technologies and applications
  • Improving understanding, diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders
  • Use of the Platforms to innovate in any field profiting from technology and tools developed by the CP.

PPs contribute towards the achievement of the science, technology and innovation objectives of the Flagship and facilitate the alignment and information flow between the CP and related national and regional activities. They help create synergies between the CP and activities receiving funding at regional, national or transnational level. This openness is key to the Flagship's ability to remain at the cutting edge of scientific, technological and innovation developments.


  • May involve one or more entity (e.g. public or private organisations), i.e. they may be multi-partner collaborative projects or single-partner projects;
  • Are funded by regional, national or European public research funding bodies or other sources (e.g. private industry, donors), for example, the Joint Transnational Call (JTC) by FLAG-ERA, or the follow-up action under H2020;
  • Are selected by the HBP;
  • Can include partners that are already members of the CP Consortium. 

Associated Members

Members of a PP become Associated Members (AMs) of the Flagship. 


What are the eligibility requirements for becoming PPs and AMs?

There are two eligibility requirements for becoming candidate PPs:

  1. The projects and their partners already have their own funding, or can demonstrate that they will have it in the near future.
  2. The projects make a significant contribution to the Flagship's strategic research roadmap.

What are the selection criteria and procedures of PPs/AMs?

Candidate PPs are selected based on their level of complementarity and added expertise with respect to the existing competencies and future needs of the HBP Flagship.

The specific selection criteria are:

  • Relevance of the scientific and technological objectives to the HBP Flagship work plan and roadmap
  • Complementarity and added value in terms of scientific, technological or innovation expertise
  • Potential contribution to the HBP ICT Platforms
  • Potential for spreading excellence and widening participation across Europe or internationally
  • Ease of integration of the proposed activities within the HBP Flagship
  • Respect of ethics guidelines, dual use declaration and non-military application requirement.

What are the nomination, application and selection procedures for Partnering Projects?

Candidate PPs may be identified by anyone including:

  • HBP CP members
  • The European Commission
  • National and regional funding agencies
  • Their own initiative
  • The private sector
  • Platform users

Members of a candidate PP are advised to contact the HBP Project Coordination Office (PCO) prior to the submission of the formal application. The HBP PCO is the main point of contact for information about the application and association process, and can be reached at

Candidate PPs that have been nominated by the EC, national bodies or CP partners are invited to submit an application as described below. Spontaneous applications from projects or (public or private) organisations interested in associating with the HBP Flagship are also accepted, and should follow the same procedure. A Partnering Project Leader (typically the PP's scientific coordinator) is responsible for the preparation and submission of the application. 

Application procedures

Applications for becoming a PP and AM are submitted to the HBP PCO. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis and there is no submission deadline. A complete application consists of:

  1. Proposal for becoming a PP
  2. Annex 1: Applications for becoming AMs.

1. Each Proposal for becoming a PP (maximum four A4 pages) should comprise:

  • Title, source of funding (EC, national, regional, other), duration and total amount of funding of the existing project (in case of a nomination by a EU, or national/regional funding agency, the name of the Project Officer responsible should be included;
  • The name and contact information of the Partnering Project Leader or Coordinator;
  • The name and contact information of the Partnering Project Ethics Rapporteur
  • The motivation for joining the Flagship as a PP;
  • A description of how the research conducted by the applicants aligns and complements the activities of the CP;
  • A description of how alignment and information flow will be facilitated with the CP;
  • The Subproject(s) where the applicants would like to see their activities integrated.
  • A list of the entities that wish to be associated with the Flagship, with names of Principal Investigators.

2. Each Annex 1 (maximum four A4 pages) should consist of:

  • The name and type of the organisation, and the country
  • The name and contact information of the Principal Investigator
  • A short description of how research and innovation are conducted in the organisation
  • The motivation for joining the Flagship as a PP
  • A description of how the research conducted by the applicants in their project aligns and complements the activities of the CP
  • A description of how alignment and information flow will be facilitated with the CP
  • The Subproject(s) where the applicants would like to see their activities integrated
  • A list of team members, including contact details.

Both the Proposal and Annex 1 may be shorter than four pages, provided that they contain all the information requested above, and that the information is sufficiently detailed for the appropriate HBP governing body to make a decision. 

Please read our Data Management Plan and learn about Ethics Management in the HBP.


A complete application consists of the Proposal for becoming Partnering Project and Annex 1 for all new Associated Members.

The Project Coordinator should collect the documents and send them in Microsoft Word format to

The Coordinator of the PP should collect all candidate AMs' Annex 1 documents, compile them into one document,  and send them to

Please click here to download an example of a complete application.