Ethics Management in the HBP

The Human Brain Project institutes ethics management in order to support the excellent science undertaken in the project. The Ethics Management work package is located in the Ethics and Society subproject and forms an integral part of the HBPs approach to responsible research and innovation (RRI). Ethics management works with all parts of the HBP to ensure that these undertake their research in accordance with European principles that promote RRI.

Ethics Management in the HBP:

  • Ensures that ethical issues within the HBP are managed to the highest standards
  • Takes a leading role to develop standards and best practices concerning ethical issues in establishing large infrastructures that use simulation and big data to study neuroscience and healthcare
  • Ensures that insights from the research components of the Society and Ethics Programme are fed into organisational practice in the HBP
  • Contributes to risk and quality management
  • Ensures compliance with European and national legislation

Ethics Management Frequently Asked Questions (click here)

Do You Want to Raise an Ethical Issue?

Ethics Management Activities

  • Principles and Implementation of Ethics Management
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Identification and management triage of ethical issues (PORE)
  • Ethics Compliance
  • Interface with the European Commission
  • Management and Support of the Rapporteur Programme
  • Management and Support of the Ethics Advisory Board

Documents and Links

Ethics Management FAQ

Compliance Management SOP

Ethics Advisory Board SOP

Rapporteur Programme SOP


Conflict of Interest SOP


Ethics Management Team

    Bernd Carsten Stahl Bernd Carsten Stahl       Ethics Manager

   Mark Shaw Mark Shaw     Team Member

       Emma Harris       Team Member & Compliance Manager (Ethics)

    Shamim Patel       Team Member & EAB Administration Manager

   Abdul Mohammed       Team Member (expertise: animal research)

    Jo Samanta       Team Member (expertise: human research)

   Manuel Guerrero       PORE registrar / Ethics Rapporteur programme lead

    Christine Mitchell       Team Member